Art Camp || Trailer Portraits

Caio vai adorar ver isso.. Vai ficar um pouco saudoso do seu próprio trailer..

roam & home

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.54.52 AM

During Art Camp, other than cooking a farm dinner for 38 people & lunch for 20+ , I worked on this little art-project, a bit of a collaboration really. I was inspired to take portraits of all the art-campers with a ‘step-&-repeat’ meets ‘photo-booth’ kinda look. A huge thank-you to Bob Coscarelli for all his assistance in helping me get the camera set-up, providing guidance, and supervising my editing, and all else that goes into post-production [a-lot-of-work I can assure you]. My husband is a great teacher when I am patient enough to listen : ). Also thanks Tereasa Surratt for the suggestion of the location & background props. Lastly, but not least, thanks Campers for humoring me and participating in the cause. All campers styled themselves by borrowing objects from around camp. CHECK IT OUT!





















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